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In the last summer before the pandemic, the Uffington Three went to Blewbury Croquet Club to sip Prosecco and give the game a try. Four years later, we’re all addicted to a sport that encourages newcomers like no other I’ve known.


Forget putting feet on balls to whack them into the bushes, as widely practised on childhood lawns. Modern croquet comes in two forms, Association and Golf. AC is closest to the game’s Victorian roots, a mental battle requiring tactical precision  and considerable patience. GC is quicker to learn and to play, one day cricket as opposed to a test match. 


Most clubs offer taster sessions, followed by complimentary coaching for beginners and improvers. They provide mallets, balls, hoops, hot coffee…..All you need is a pair of soft soled shoes - the turf is sacred - and casual clothes.

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