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Yes, I have to drive you all mad and say it once. Maximising antiquity means getting off your butt and conquering new worlds. No slumping, very little daytime television, different  things to get out of bed for. Close to my own bed, I now find Alfred, the bearded collie who sleeps beside it. He was born on August 23rd, 2020: lockdown was great  for puppies. What else were we allowed to do.  Statistically, I’ll pre-decease him, but that only slightly  dilutes the joy of  my first dog.  


For many, Covid was a game-changer, in my case literally from free swinging golf to Machiavellian croquet. As a child, I recalled,  I wanted to paint and sing. I couldn’t. Today’s  mantra is that anyone can, provided  they’re tutored and encouraged. In the dark ages, such tolerant teachers were not on the radar. Much easier to say NFI and leave it at that. As they did. 


But that was then. Now I can be a Rockie, one of 31,000  members  of a nationwide choir with no auditions ( And make like an artist ( painting holidays in Spain, Italy and Sicily, but I  recommend their  learn in your living room online courses for beginners first . And then there’s bridge…I wrote the Bluffer’s Guide  guide so I’ve plenty to say on that. In the brave new online world, it doesn’t even involve getting off your butt.

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